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Keys to Success

Unlock the doors to your success, You only need two keys to live your best. Self-control and Self-respect are the master keys to your success.

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Should parents lose custody of their overweight/obese children?

Should parents lose custody of their overweight/obese children?  Currently, the court of public opinion is running amuck, with the recent debate of an Ohio mother losing custody of her 8 year old child who weighed in at an unimaginable 200lbs, when the average 8 year old weighs about 60lbs.

Cuyahoga County removed the child because case-workers considered the mother’s inability to get the child’s weight down, and classified it as a form of medical neglect. The county’s Children and Family Services agency said they stand by their decision to remove the child, which was approved by a judge. “We have worked very hard with this family for 20 months before it got to this point,” agency Administrator Patricia Rideout said.

There should be no debate when we’re talking about the welfare of a child, bad parenting is bad parenting. If the parents are physically abusive to a child we would have “NO DEBATE”. If the parents were starving a child we would have “NO DEBATE”. If the parents were on drugs and not caring for a child we would have “NO DEBATE”.  When the parents are slowly killing a child with food we have a “DEBATE”. Why doesn’t NEGLECT mean NEGLECT like NO means NO?

A judge in Texas was suspended from his job and prosecuted in the court of public opinion for abusing his child for illegally downloading music, was this abuse or discipline? No matter how we look at this situation or the mother in Ohio’s situation, neglect is neglect and abuse is abuse.

I believe what people should be debating is, at what point should the state step-in to save a child’s life not debating the fact that the state did step-in to save a child’s life. Should the state have waited until the child developed a preventable medical disease or had a near death experience before this action was taken?

We all understand removing a child from a parent can be a difficult decision for anyone, based on the emotional effects this will have on the child. Overlook the effects of a child being removed from his or her parents for a moment, and think about the harm that can be caused by not removing a child from an unhealthy environment. The ridicule alone from a child being obese would be too much for most adults to handle; we need to consider the seriousness of childhood obesity, it’s become an epidemic. If we would just think about the overall welfare of a child, we would have “NO DEBATE” about removing a child!

By Adrian M Williams

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The Unhealthy Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

With the drug related deaths of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and the violent deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie.  In addition to the health related deaths of Big Pun & Heavy D and the recent health scare of Rick Ross & Erick Sermon. When will we see the need to change our unhealthy lifestyle?

In October, Rick Ross suffered two seizures in one day and a little over a month later, we lost Heavy D who died suddenly weighing in at 344 lbs.  Although the cause of his death has not been determined I am certain a unhealthy lifestyle played a major roll.  Sermon’s health scare came few days after Heavy D’s death.  Sermon who is still hospitalized, urged his fans to take their health more seriously.  “Go out there and check yourself, it don’t matter what age you are.” stated Sermon.

Understanding MJ and Elvis had a drug problem, Tupac and Biggie had a thug problem and Heavy D and Big Pun had a weight problem, which all leads back to an unhealthy lifestyle. Whether its violence, drugs or bad health, until we decide to make healthy lifestyle changes, we will all be headed down the path of self-destruction.  The perfect example of someone making a healthy lifestyle change is Fat Joe. After the death Big Pun and having diabetes for more than 16 years, Fat Joe decided to change his lifestyle, to-date he has lost over 100lbs.

By Adrian M Williams


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Lose Weight without Diet or Exercise

Can you really lose weight without diet or exercise? Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center say “yes”. A new drug call Adipotide, works by attacking body fat known as the adipose tissue, this is the unwanted fat that tends to accumulate under the skin and around the belly. The difference between Adipotide and other weight loss drugs is Adipotide attacks fat only, the other weight lost drugs focuses on either reducing your appetite, raising your metabolism or the absorption of fat.

Although Adipotide shows promising results in lab animals and if approved can be a tremendous help to the morbidly obese community.

The problem I have with Adipotide or any other weight loss miracle drug is that it doesn’t address the real problem, we eat too much and we don’t exercise enough!

This study also shows once the lab animals stop taking Adipotide they revert to their unhealthy ways (Can you say yoyo diet). We need to stop looking for a quick fix and address the real issue, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle. Until we change the unhealthy mindset of people, we will always have an obesity problem.


Fix the mind and your health will follow.

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Should We Be Forced To Move

With more than 90,000 new cancer cases a year in the US, A new study has shown that 30 minutes of physical activity per day can help decrease the risk of cancer and many other chronic diseases including heart disease and diabetes.  The American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) in Washington, D.C., cites as many as 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colon cancer are linked to a lack of physical activity.

“This gives us some idea of the cancers we could prevent by getting people to be more active,” says epidemiologist Christine Friedenreich of Alberta Health Services in Calgary, Canada. Calculations are based on U.S. physical activity data and cancer incidence statistics. “This is a conservative estimate,” she says. “The more physical activity you do, the lower your risk of these cancers.”

With the overwhelming health benefits of daily exercise, why is it that less and less people are participating in physical activity to improve their health?  Which leads me to the question, should we have mandatory conditioning?  With the rising cost of health care, prescription drugs, co-pays and insurance deductibles, companies should have the right to have a mandatory conditioning program.  There is no excuse for the Government not to have a mandatory conditioning program; all government employees should follow the same conditioning program as the military. Many people are outrage over “Obamacare” but aren’t taking responsibility over their lack of care for themselves. If we want to put a major dent in our growing deficit, we all need to take more responsibility over our physical health.

By Adrian M Williams




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TNLFitness – Baby Squat Workout

TNLFitness – Baby Squat Workout

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Do I Love My Body?

If asked the question – “Do you love yourself?” – most people would reply (without hesitation) – “Yes, I love myself!”  Most people go through life, thinking they really do love themselves, without taking into consideration the neglect and disrespect they subject themselves to.  It is impossible to love yourself if you don’t respect yourself. We tend to lie to ourselves, and to others, to make us look and feel better, when deep down we know the true lies we hide.  If you consistently make excuses for why you neglect your body, eat unhealthy foods, smoke, abuse drugs and alcohol, then you may need to check your meaning of love. Truly loving yourself is respecting yourself and knowing your true worth.  Your good health is your greatest wealth!


Now ask yourself these questions – and be brutally honest with yourself.  “Do I really love myself?”  If “yes,” why? (List all the things that make you special.)  If “no,” why not? (List the areas in which you feel your life is deficient.)  Now ask yourself: “How can I improve myself?”


Basic “Love” Training


Take time to know and love yourself by spending time with yourself – try walking 30-45 minutes a day to clear your mind, improve your health and renew your soul.


Remember:  it’s ok if you’re not perfect – it’s not ok if you don’t work towards perfection!

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Value Yourself!


Most of us were taught to value money and the material things that money buys.  As a result, we tend to place more value on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. We have to understand that money has no value – only the value we give it!  We have to move away from placing too high a value on things that can be replaced – money, cars and homes – and begin moving toward truly valuing those things in life that cannot be replaced – life itself, our good health, precious time, loving family and faithful friends.


Basic Self-Evaluation Training


Ask yourself these questions.  Answer them honestly.  If any of your answers are “yes“, you may want to rethink and reevaluate your thoughts and ideas about your value.  Do you value money more than you value yourself?  Do you value your job more than you value yourself?  You may have answered “no” to those questions, now ask yourself this question: Are you as dedicated to your health as you are to your job?


Remember: No matter how much money you make, or have, none of it will buy you another YOU! 


  ask a ninja . web informations

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Super Women/Mom/Dr/Wife/Taxi/Made/Cook/Boss/Teacher/Motivator….

One of the most frequently asked questions is “How can I fit exercise into my busy schedule


Super Women/Mom/Dr/Wife/Taxi/Made/Cook/Boss/Teacher/Motivator….

For these super women, finding time to take care of themselves is an especially hard task, but not       impossible. The first step is to plan time into each day for exercise. Start out gradually 5 to 10 minutes and build up from there. Perhaps walk 5 – 10 minutes during your lunch, remember every bit counts. ask a ninja Your challenge will be staying focused on your goals and comments, once this is accomplished the battle is 90% done.


Tips to help you incorporate exercise into your all ready hectic Super Women life:


  • Moms with babies or toddlers should consider investing in (Plug) my No Execuses Fitness Video this       

video will allow you to get in great shape and spend the much needed quality time with your new baby.

  • Moms with older children should consider investing in exercise videos like dance aerobic, step aerobic

and resistance training tapes, which the kids can join in on. The workouts are typically 30-50 minutes long.

  • Consider buying home-exercise equipment such as a high-quality treadmill, stair-climbing machine or               recumbent exercise bicycle.
  • Make fitness a family affair. Join a family “GYM” that has day care and activities for both adults and                 children. domains with traffic Take walks or bike rides in the neighborhood, at the park or beach.
  • If you find yourself standing on the sidelines and watching your children exercise, it’s time to be creative.              During football, basketball, baseball, and soccer practice, walk a few laps around the     field or shoot a few                  baskets.
  • While your children are taking swim lessons, jump in with them or head to the weight room and work up                                   a sweat.
  • Find a karate class that will allow participation by both adults and children.
  • If you love to walk, jog or run you should invest in jogging strollers. Cyclists may consider bike seats or                                                                                      for older children there are third wheels designed to fit many bikes.
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If you planned a family trip to Six’s Flag’s in Atlanta from New York you wouldn’t just get in your car and drive, and hope you get there. No you would buy a map and map out the safest and quickest way to go. Without a plan and directions you will be just spinning your wheels. You wouldn’t draw your own map, so why draw your own plan, don’t reinvent the wheel. There are many way to do this, one is to go to your local gym and talk to the professionals. Talk to a friend who may have been in the same situation, take a fitness class, buy a few How To Fitness Books and my favorite logon to and just ask me.    Although you say I don’t need a trainer for whatever reason, I still strongly suggest beginners hire one if only for one consultation visit. A trainer can save you a lot of time and money by putting you on the right road to your health and fitness goals.


These are things you need to consider having done before starting. Start with having your blood pressure taken, having your heart rate measured and having your body fat measured these are things that should be performed by a professional.


Setting goals


Goal setting is a very important step for anyone trying to start and stick with a fitness program; research has shown that goal-setting works. A study was done on 50 college students, one group was given a specific goal to perform 100 push-ups in 4 minutes the other group was told  do as many as they could. At the end of this study 90% of the people given a specific goal were able to complete the task where as only 25% of the people not given a goal were able to reach or even come close to completing 100 push-ups in 4 minutes.


Long-term goals


Your long-term goals should be goals that you plan on reaching in the next 5 – 6 months. Remember to make all your goals realistic.  If you never ran a day in your life don’t expect to be able to run a marathon in the next 4 to 5 months. site performance . Realistic meaning if you want to lose 20 pounds or run two miles around the track these are very good long-term goals. It’s very important not to set your self up to fail.


Short-term goals


Most people want results to appear over night. Just because you did 50 cruches every night for two weeks you expect to have a six-pack, SORRY it’s not going to happen. This is the reason most people give up on their programs; this is the reason for realistic short-term goals. ask a nurse . If your not able to walk a mile without passing out this is a good short-term goal or if you like to eat sweets every day, try eating a piece of fruit instead for the next three weeks. Short-term goals are set to keep you motivated and show the fruits of your labor.







Reward yourself for victories


Whenever you reach one of your goals be it short or long-term reward yourself. Be creative when it comes to rewarding yourself you can do things like buying yourself a new outfit, get a body massage or just taking a nice hot bubble bath. This is also a good way to get family and friends involved on your quest for fitness, they can be very instrumental in keeping you motivated.


Keep a workout log


By keeping a workout log you will be able to better assess your progress and make appropriate changes if necessary. This will take a little extra time and commitment but it will be worth it in the long run (this can be one of your short and long-term goals). Your workout log should include.


Long-term Goals                         Short-term Goals

Weekly Goals                                     Daily Goals

Day of the week                        Date

Stretches                                     Time / Duration

Cardio Training                         Time / Duration

Strength Training                        Weight, Sets, Reps

Diet / Meals                                     Food you eat / Calories

Notes / Comments                        Difficulty / Injuries

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